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      I didn’t see a thread that was suitable for this discussion but anyway, with Coutinho’s agent saying that he’d like to return to the PL some day, what are peoples thoughts on him and would they be interested in taking him?

      As a Liverpool fan, I might be tempted. I’ve actually swung a few times on this topic, sometimes saying hell yes and other times, no, he’s in the past.

      As things stand, I don’t see him fitting back into the side. We need stronger defensive capabilities in CM and that would leave him competing against the front 3 for a place, really where he could only play 2 of the roles and would he be better than Mane or Salah? I think not.

      That said, I do think he’s very under-rated, after not fitting into Barca’s team. He’s a brilliant player and I think most other clubs would be mad to not want him on loan.



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