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    That’s all very good Foxy. I don’t think anyone is saying otherwise. I just think we, in football, tend to go overboard on hyping things up prematurely. I fail to be swayed by 10 or so games into believing anyone has turned a corner. There have been so many promising manager spells which start great, the fans hype them up like crazy then the inevitable collapse happens. I think all some of us are saying is let’s see where they are this time next season.

    A mere 6 months ago, the roles were reversed for Utd and Spurs. Utd were heading into their second cup final and Spurs were being torn apart by Conte and a team who their best player couldn’t wait to leave.

    Spurs is a much easier place for a manager to go also. Hence why it suited Poch so much (who has struggled since with the weight of expectations at bigger clubs). At Spurs, you can get away with playing some nice football and challenging for a top 4 place. Overachieving is not a huge stretch. At Utd, if you’re not challenging for a title, you’re not good enough. All while under probably the most scrutiny of any club possibly anywhere.


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