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    Liverpool before the Tottenham defeat (whereby this fact has been sort of floating in the background) went on an impressive unbeaten run of matches.

    Absolutely we went through a difficult journey. We experienced injuries. The game being played that does need to be accentuated as critical, in all honesty Jordan Henderson, and Fabinho (Credit and Respect to both) struggled week in week out plus Champions League.

    I’m not sure in my humble thoughts how Ten Hag has been compared to Jurgen Klopp, but I’m sure this has been the first time in 6 seasons Liverpool have found themselves in the Europa League.

    Next to Kenny Dalglish’s Reign, Jurgen Klopp holds a Helm for the Success he brought Liverpool in a relatively short period which I feel in itself is understated.

    You go through off course difficult phases with it being one could say part of your journey.

    There was not a need for fans to call for Jurgen Klopp to go (don’t get that).

    Our Difficult Times:


    100 points could easily have been Eclipsed and beyond if there was no Covid 19.

    97 Points 2019
    92 Points 2022

    And Man City still had Liverpool by 1 point. This is History 😀 Something I’m Proud of; though in weirdness, Manchester United still rule at 20.

    They are more and more reminding me of Liver 😉


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