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    No I get what you’re saying Mikus. I just think you’re giving Spurs way too much credit for basically stumbling upon what so far seems to be the right fit. It seems like you’re suggesting Utd should have known they needed someone like Ange. Even Spurs didn’t know Ange would work, hence why he was far down the pecking order there, too. If he was such an obvious choice, I think there would have been a queue for his signature, which there wasn’t.

    It’s great with the benefit of hindsight and the benefit of a new manager bounce to say “Utd keep going for the wrong managers. If only they’d gone for Ange”. Nobody could have predicted their good start (and that’s all it is so far). If they could, you can be sure there would have been loads wanting to bring him in. The fact he’s almost 60 and only just coming to prominence tells you everything you need to know about his position in the game. The overhyping of his first 10 games is bizarre in my opinion.


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