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Mikus LFC

    Just a quick reply on Ange. I’m not suddenly saying he’s the best manager in the world. I was just pointing out that I think he strikes me as being a very good man manager and communicator. I think at a big football club, that attribute is one of the most important you can have.

    Yes of course player recruitment is important and as I said, that’s the other half of Utd’s problem. They need to be signing top players close to their peaks and for the now, but obviously also players with the right hunger and desire. But again I think when a club brings in the right manager it helps to sharpen minds off the pitch to get the best players on it. Was it really a coincidence that Liverpool’s transfer strategy suddenly improved when Klopp walked through the door for example?

    I don’t doubt Utd’s problems are many but I just think that a big part of it is down to them not acting like a big club and bringing in the managers and players they need to make things happen. You can sort of see this mismatch happening in them wanting to play the long game bringing in young players but then at the same time still bringing in the odd statement signing or big player past their peak because they’ve remembered they’re still a big club.


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