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    So, who, is this manager Utd should obviously be going out to get Mikus? Because it’s fine saying Utd just need to go out and get a manager like Ange who incidentally fits one of the very profiles you suggest we mistakenly keep making in “either hopeful long term figures who have little to no experience of big clubs…” People would have thought Utd were absolutely mental going for Ange Postecoglu when Ole went and rightly so. That he’s started well is simply a stroke of good fortune by Levy, who has made as many, if not more, mistakes than Utd over the last 10 or so years. Let’s maybe see where Ange is in a year or so before suggesting Utd need to just go and get someone like that who’s had a decent start, that’s all.

    It all sounds so simple in terms of how to fix it. Before, it was “Utd need Conte”. He flopped big time at Spurs and can’t get another job. Before him, Poch was the answer. He’s now in his own crisis at Chelsea. Now it’s Ange. Utd may well be able to find some available charismatic manager to come in and lift the place but that’s so much tougher than it sounds. Charisma doesn’t win titles. I genuinely think the players have stopped playing for him now and changing the manager merely feeds that behaviour and allows it to win. He’s made some awful mistakes in the transfer market but that will continue to happen until there is a proper structure around him. He may not make it at Utd and that’s fine. But, getting rid now and bringing in a completely new face, whoever that may be, is dangerous in my opinion.


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