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    Then you ask the question, why is Ten Hang not getting the results?

    People forget Pep struggled during that 1st year in charge, he lost 4 nil to Everton and struggled against a fair few sides. So did Klopp the 1st few years at Liverpool. Didn’t they lose to Wolves in the FA Cup, who were in the championship at the time. But the players were putting a shift in. The United players are not.

    I mentioned Rashford earlier. Why has his work rate dropped compared to last season? Is Ten Hag telling him to do that. If players are upset with the way Sancho has been treated and have stopped playing for the manager, then it is pretty much the same old story since Ferguson left.

    If the players are putting the effort in and the results are the same, then you can say the manager is not getting something out of the players. But they are not putting the effort in. It is complete contrast to last season and exactly the same fate the previous managers suffered.

    I know someone who is a season ticket holder and has been since the late 60s. He says even when United at their worse in the 70s and 80s, they turned up and put a shift in. It was the players were just not good enough. He says this time round, you can tell they are not playing for the badge….it takes a few games for people to see that.

    Ten Hag last season came 3rd and helped them win their 1st trophy in 6 years. That is better than what Klopp and Pep accomplished. That should give someone enough authority to prove he is capable.

    If Ten Hag gets sacked for this. That is me done with this club. I am not going through another cycle of watching players who are on 300k a week, sulk around and not care. Then they will throw the next manager under the bus.


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