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    In my opinion, the problems are not solely down to the manager. The position has become a poison chalice.

    The culture at the club has become rotten. What we are seeing now is exactly what we saw when Ole, Jose and Van Gaal tenures were coming to an end. This is down to the owners letting players get their way for far too long.

    The manager at times hasn’t helped, but that doesn’t excuse the lack of work rate and effort from the players. You look at how they performed last season to now, yes there was some heavy defeats, but they got 76 points(the 2nd highest points total post Ferguson).

    When has qualifying for the CL become acceptable? What happened to winning big trophies.

    The owners said they wanted to sell the club 11 months ago, yet we have only had 2 serious buyers. Why is a club like United only attracting 2 buyers? Is it because there has been massive neglect on other areas, which resulted in them falling behind clubs and will cost a fortune to help the club catch up.


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