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    Threeps said pretty much what I was about to. Absolutely no point going for another one of these names who just bounce around all the top clubs getting sacked after a decent season. Tuchel, Conte, Zidane?

    De Zerbi has really taken Brighton forward from what Potter was doing. I actually think Potter’s job there was a bit over-hyped. He had a pretty long winless streak before doing a decent job eventually but nothing like what we’re seeing now.

    I’m just absolutely fascinated by the job he’s doing there. Look at this from his time there

    Do you realise how impressive those stats are with the little investment he’s had? He’s schooled the likes of Ten Hag and Klopp multiple times. Playing the likes of Danny Welbeck up front. It’s crazy. Yes they got battered by Aston Villa but that’s quite rare for his sides. That can always happen when you’re as open and attacking as they are. The way they build from the back is just so impressive.


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