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    If you need to appoint a manager that’s done something who is available? Pep and Klopp clearly untouchable, who else is there? Zidane? Ancellotti? They’ve both won things but doubt either would be a popular choice. Even Tuchel and Nagelsmann, both I would describe as winners, were sacked fairly recently. Utd went down the experienced route before with van Gaal and Mourinho and they were both deemed prehistoric in the their play styles.

    De Zebri has taken Potters work and enhanced it further. If backed and with like minded staff around and crucially above him he could work wonders at utd if given that most precious commodity, time. He would be my choice to succeed Klopp if Klopp stood down right now.

    Sometimes you need to take a chance on a smaller name with good ideas and back 100%. Maybe that man still is ETH but he needs better support around, beneath and above him.


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