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    I was a massive fan of bringing Ten Hag in but on the condition that we had a proper DOF coming in and a proper structure in place. Ten Hag shouldn’t be picking all his players as he’s seemingly doing. It means we have to reset again if he goes. It certainly looks like he’s just got free reign on transfers. That’s crazy. Even Klopp and Pep don’t have that. Didn’t Klopp get overruled after declining Salah? Wanted some German forward instead but was overruled? That should tell you everything you need to know about leaving managers in charge of transfers as it appears Ten Hag is. Utd are so far behind the rest in terms of a staffing structure above the manager. Does that absolve Ten Hag of blame? Absolutely not. He’s got a lot wrong but the structure isn’t set up for success.


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