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    What did he do at Ajax Ed that was so special?got to a cl semi final that they should have won? Frank de boer played the same kind of football and was found out in England. He won for 4 Dutch titles. Produced some good players but I thought there was always a huge over reaction. Great wins in the cl campaign

    I did mention when he came in that there’s every risk he does a De Boer. Comparing their records at Ajax is just not a good comparison though. I know a few Ajax fans and they were worlds apart in terms of how highly their fans rated them both. Guardiola brought Ten Hag into Bayern because of the football his teams played. Ajax were brilliant to watch in the CL. Introduced young players, played exciting, attacking football.

    – He lost a single away game (out of 16) in the CL with Ajax despite playing Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus.
    – won every single CL group game the season after they got to the CL semi. One of only 10 sides to ever do it
    – Won the league with an Ajax side who hadn’t won it for 3 years


    No worries at all if you didn’t rate him but everything pointed to it being a risk worth taking considering the available options.

    As for the injuries excuse comment, who has been using injuries as an excuse? I always find it embarrassing to note injuries as an excuse for the top sides. They all should have more than enough to cover most injuries and cases of multiple injuries at the same time should always result in questions being asked of the physios and training staff. Utd are 3 LBs down and playing a midfielder at LB but that’s not an excuse. They should have more than enough to deal with even that against the likes of Palace. Anyone using that as an excuse deserves calling out, especially when you consider the amount of money a side like Palace or Brighton have to spend in comparison.

    It’s a sorry state of affairs but I don’t for a minute think it was the wrong decision to bring him in. Really easy to say otherwise with the benefit of hindsight.


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