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    Fortunately, I was away over the weekend so missed that rubbish on Saturday. Still, putting aside our struggles, you can’t help but admire Brighton and De Zerbi. What he’s doing with that team despite losing his best players again is just incredible. He’s going to be the top target as soon as any big job comes up. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bayern try to get him with them seemingly not convinced by Tuchel. If Ten Hag or Poch continue to struggle, De Zerbi will 100% be the top target.

    I’m with Sean re Ange. Let’s see what they’re doing in a year’s time. Very much still in the honeymoon period with the new manager bounce. Not long ago on this very site, Conte was supposedly taking over the world with Spurs 😁. Even Lampard was exciting Chelsea fans at one point and we all know how that finished.

    Really not sure what to say about our lot. Whilst I wasn’t expecting a title challenge (far from it), the start has very much surprised me. The injury/absence list is unfortunate but that’s no excuse for our performances. Brighton were missing players and tore us apart. Our intensity is non existent and I can’t put my finger on what’s gone wrong from last season. Another reason why the whole Ange hysteria is best to not overhype so soon. Things change so quickly in football.


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