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Chucky McChuckface

    The more I read about the Spuds game yesterday, the more I’m looking forward to the reply today on my box… it would seem Sheffield set their stall up early indeed and, among many other decisions in the first half, it was a travesty there were only 3 minutes extra time in the first half…

    Got no problem with teams “parking the bus”, but I do have a problem with teams “parking the bus” and them complaining when some little toe-rag (probably from under the pier at Southend!) comes along and nicks your stereo… or your hub-caps!!

    As for the other games, only saw bits here and there, YooUtd looked a bit devoid of ideas, Micky-Mousers still don’t look like the best of the rest, nobody is going to keep up with the Sportswashing Campaign, and if I didn’t support the Spuds, I think I would want to be a Brighton fan… 🙂


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