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Home Community General Football Al-Bundy League: How a fool and his money are soon parted. Reply To: Al-Bundy League: How a fool and his money are soon parted.


    Chucks, you’ve encapsulated in that reply essentially the distinction that they are purely a entertainment enterprise.

    This is why we have regulations in our English League to promote fairness and healthy competition giving everybody as best as possible an equal chance to compete, achieve success, grow and give back to communities. There’s lots on pieces on our map geographically with their own identity, culture and community.

    Saudi’s will never prosper with this. I do wonder looking at the Timeline now to 1992 whether in recent decades, the money being generated from all quarters has taken the industry a level too far and a little out of hand.

    100 mill for Caicedo is ridiculous. Man City seem to also be getting the pelters every other time they buy a big money player, but people have somewhat forgotten or have dismissed Chelsea in the 00s spending loads on players who were basically trying to compete with Man U for them spending on players; see the knock-on effect that’s now spiraled a little out of control where Financial Fair Play Rules is just merely a heading with little substance held with all the loopholes being exposed.


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