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    That’s it Adlab. I don’t think it’s about getting the cash into the club Threeps but what that cash can do for the team when reinvested. In just 12 months Salah goes into his final year and there’s every chance he won’t sign a new contract. Salah for 2 years or potentially rebuilding the side for the next 10 years? Easy choice for me. I’d sell him. The very fact they’re going for him tells me he’s suggested to them he’s keen which means he’s had his head turned. What Salah are you going to get for the next 12/24 months with that in mind? Selling him and showing the rest of the team that nobody is indispensable would be a big call but one I think they would benefit from in the long term. Spurs wshowing again today what you can do when reinvesting after selling your star player at the right time.


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