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    Of course we get critical comments about the money coming in to City. Accept that but..and there is a big but! The club invested a fortune in the Academy. Not buying players but creating a top quality infrastructure to develop young players. Selling quite a number over the last few years has, if you look at the figures, has more than paid for the Academy, the women’s team and have substantial surplus to counter FFP.

    This combined with good management is why, at the moment, we are at the top. I understand from the inside that Newcastle, now they have the backing, are going to follow the same blueprint
    Ask the question. How much have the Glazers put into the Academy or Spurs (ignoring insider dealing). Even Liverpool invested into their Academy is nowhere as big.
    What makes an economy or a business successful,
    Long term investment. One reason why the UK economy is so behind.

    Just waiting for the old comments


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