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    I only needed to say it about 8 times 😂. I always had you down as a fan of XG Lucky. Seemed to remember seeing you mention XG a fair bit. Might be thinking of someone else. I know a lot don’t bother with it. I’m only starting to to accept the benefits of it recently. It’s not, a some seem to believe, a definitive way to determine how well each team played or who deserved to win. However, it’s a damn sight more insightful than reading biased comments from older generation fans who “see the game with their own eyes and don’t need bloody stats”. To put my view on it into perspective, Utd vs Newcastle in the final was an XG of 1-1- We won 2-0. Do I think we were luck to win it based on that? Of course not, but similarly, I wouldn’t be confident on us getting the same result/outcome if that game was played again with the same chances falling to each team. We took our chances (and more) and Newcastle didn’t. Newcastle fans will (and believe me, they are doing) take heart from the xg stats as it shows them the sides aren’t far apart and better finishing would have seen them lift the cup.


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