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Home Community General Football End of Season Predictions…. (just for a larff!!) Reply To: End of Season Predictions…. (just for a larff!!)


    1. Arsenal
    Like everyone else,I’ve been expecting them to bottle it and they still might. But I’m starting to feel like they may just snatch it. Will be tight though.

    2. City
    If they beat Arsenal at the Etihad, you’d fancy City for 1st but I think Arsenal might nick a point.

    3. Liverpool
    Said all through the terrible run they’d have too much quality to not get top 4 and I think Sunday’s result will push them on now and they’ll likely have nothing left to play for so will be fresher than the other top 4 contenders.

    4. Utd.
    Simple. The quality of the teams below us isn’t good enough. Newcastle are fading. Spurs look good 1 game in every 5 then revert to boring Conte ball again.

    5. Brighton.
    Reckon they’re going to finish really strongly.

    6. Spurs.
    The likely departure of Conte will not help their flow. Too unpredictable.

    Newcastle. Reckon they’re going to completely fade now.


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