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    Ed, usually that’s the regular pattern. Everyone has a bad day now and then or in context of football, once in while humiliation.

    The key thing for me out of that taking away the appalling behaviour of Bruno Fernandes was the Sportsmanship from the United players which was refreshing congratulation Liverpool and shaking hands.

    Apparently, Ten-Hag kept the players silent and waiting in their dressing room for a while, whilst the celebrations were going on.

    The defeat isn’t of something new, but in today’s day, there’s excessive post-mortems as to what and why it happening and perhaps more damaging reading or looking into something that may just be a person’s imagination running away with them.

    The players lost focus once the goals were going in. In hindsight, that should have been Ten-Hags drive of leadership to take the necessary action and reorganize the team. He essentially just stood there with his arms folded.

    The win for what it’s worth from an LFC perspective doesn’t make up for all our shortcomings so far, but as a positive can be used as a springboard to push on, though we ourselves have tough matches coming up in succession, away from home.


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