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sean the sailor

    Sorry Ed, they didn’t just bobble around mate, it was from poor defending. Look at shaws attempted clearance for goal 6.. terrible defending, mctwoniey sticks a leg out with a feeble attempt for the ball and Salah finishes on his weaker foot

    We are not talking about luck here. Nunez two headers cause he’s the first to react. Martinez skint for the third goal with a great finish. It was atrocious defending more then the ball simply bobbling about . The players gave up after goal 3. It was absolutely bizarre. That shows a complete lack of character which was hugely surprising 2nd to every ball ,not running back and basically giving up. That was the problem, not luck or the ball bobbling about. They just lost their heads completely and it was astonishing to see as this team has shown big character this season.

    Enough has been said about it from my side in anyway chum


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