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Chucky McChuckface

    Not that it’s ever going to go away, but there really does seem to be a lot of “interweb” nonsense about a parting of the ways in the summer in the managerial hotseat… and naturally, Poncho is probably the favourite to replace Conte… to be honest, I can’t think of another mananger I would rather have, certainly not one that’s a realistic target… a shame but as it seems to be more for personal reasons (Conte’s not exactly had a great year personally!) I think it would be for the best…

    Having said that, there is a part of me that thinks he’s not that far away from putting together a pretty decent squad, one or 2 top draw CB’s and a new goalie, and I reckon we’re almost there…

    Or maybe he’ll think one more year… see if he can push us over the edge as it were (in a good way!)

    Certainly don’t want Steve Cooper… that’s got a “Potter” all over it, we’ll go about 4 steps back before we even think about going forward!


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