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    Haha, how many times have I made a point of this? Unfortunately in England, our hands are tied up. Unless I move to another part of the world and be able to subscribe to a legitimate broadcasting network, I am stuck with Neville and Carragher. Martin Tyler has changed.

    I mentioned all this when we played Newcastle the other Saturday. I do have a heart for Sky and look forward to these games as well as pay for subscription. I’ve stuck by something sensible and humble to me in just turning on at the point of kick off and switching off after the final whistle and all the hugs handshakes etc. I don’t watch any post match interviews no more from managers.

    There is plenty of material on you tube for example. Excessiveness leads to toxic and not good for mental health.

    And yes, although I recognize the Referee’s style in trying to maintain a flow and nip in the bud handbags, but boy did United get away with a lot today without punishment.


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