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    We were actually very good for 25 minutes or so then lost all the intensity. That’s fine, we were two nil up that’s a good situation to be in to try and control the game. Trouble is we drop the intensity but carry on with the high line, and with Henderson playing almost as a right winger leaving the centre exposed etc. The defence gets over ran time and time again. This leads to a lack of concentration, to stress and mistakes. Gomez in particular seems to be one that struggles to cope when under increased stress.

    I am not 100% sure why we do this. In our more successful years we would often blitz teams for 30 mins or so then control afterwards with a counter threat. Is it because our players are older and not replaced? Is it we are wary of the multitude of injuries we are getting? Or is it just our way of playing now?

    Whatever the reason it isn’t working as we are not controlling but leaving ourselves wide open. A high line with no press means the opposition have time to pick out good passes. Henderson on the right means the other two are outnumbered and passed around.

    There is a lot of truth that certain players have diminished in quality, Hendo, VvD, Gomez and Fabinho in particular. But our main issues are tactical and what’s happening on the training pitch.


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