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Last post to bore you with on the subject. Having spent 40 years interpreting legislation and advising clients (on the whole successfully) I decided to look at Law 11 and attempt an unbiased interpretation.
Law 11
Players in an offside position can also be offside if the referee decides that the player:

Is causing interference or obstruction with an opponent.
Prevents the opponent from playing the ball.
Deceives or distracts an opponent.
Gains an advantage from where the ball rebounds off the goal post or an opposing defender.

The high bar of proof beyond reasonable doubt clearly cannot apply to this law. More likely the lower bar – the balance of probability.
The referee has to decide whether the offside player falls into one of the above, eg distracting an opponent. Clearly some think yes and some think no. It is therefore up to the referee to decide as their is only subjective interpretation.

So we would then look to experts who again are divided.
City fans say offside others perhaps not. My view Rashford was detracting defenders

But it’s up to the ref.

PS Pep’s comment was right in my view (remember) this is Old Trafford….meaning the decision goes in United’s favour.

That’s it. On to the next game


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