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    Sean, I remember you mentioning 2010 when we were at our lowest point and I fully subscribe to that because it’s true and it coincides with the super times we’ve experienced, because that’s part of being a supporter to go through good and bad times.

    It can’t always be good. 2017 to 2023 is now 6 years. We are expecting players to maintain A) 4-3-3, B) High Press, C) Fitness, D) Individual Technical Ability. Other teams in the Premier League have improved and are competitive. In fact, I truly love and embrace our league because of this and it’s not just about Real Madrid and Barcelona, otherwise, it’s bland, boring and predictable, and all money driven.

    We’ve won the lot mate. I am happy albeit I wanted one more Title out of those marathon head-to-heads with Man City when we still in the title race even on the last day. That’s my only disappointment, otherwise we achieved above and beyond.

    But you’re right. Now is the time for Klopp to recognize what we are, where we are and reinvent our wheel. Forget about the history of Dortmund. If we all get behind him, this is his new challenge to recreate us and reignite some spark back in our team.


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