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    Regarding Thiago, he is or was a great player, but runner he never was. He said something like Klopp taught him how to run as it was never his game. He’s 31 now, some players their legs go around 30. Last season you say wasn’t a problem when we nearly won everything but where a couple of kicks from winning nothing, I say the cracks were starting to appear and now they are fully exposed.

    Our midfield no longer presses, our forward no longer drops into midfield to press the DM gubing the opposition an outlet or more area for our midfield to cover.

    Is this just age in which case our recruitment has failed for many seasons or tactics. I suspect its a bit of both. Go more technical to save the legs for later in the season but screws us for the now. Problem is we are a team that is neither one or the other, a complete mess tactically. Players who are now older have to cover more area because other players don’t have the legs. Gaps everywhere, mistakes everywhere, it’s a vicious cycle.

    Play Thiago, play Fabinho or even Elliot, but have 2 strong athletic midfielders with them. Not 2 of them it doesn’t work, and definitely not all 3. But yet we do.

    ‘Something to do with Pep Lijnders’ – Carragher accuses Liverpool of becoming ‘too technical’ after Brentford defeat

    Not just me saying it although I wasn’t influenced by what Carra said. Our problems stem from the training pitch and tactics board, combined with poor recruitment.


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