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sean the sailor

    I don’t agree with that it makes us a more technical team as we have always kept possession before thisgo came. We could keep the ball. He tries to move it quick. He has the legs proven by his recoveries. He’s not about dreading balls through. Our midfield hsd never been like that. Yesterday showed us we needed him in midfield as we could not get on the ball when he was played as a ten We had 38% possession ydsy which I’d say is our worst possession stats in a long long time. We were much weaker without him in there yday? Did you see the game? It was our worst performance on the ball in a longtime. Maybe trans have us sussed as Robo or Trent barely have any space.

    In anyway, if he does make us more technical as you say, is it a bad thing , do you imply it has made us a weaker team with him in there? as we nearly won 4 trophies last season? I get we need legs in there also but he recovers the ball more then anyone and presses well. The problem is fabhino and Henderson.

    I’m sick of defending the team. I’ll give them a bad season after absolutely running themselves into the ground last year playing 64 games. We have injuries and players bang out of form. We could be exhausted that’s my excuses for us anyway . I’ll support the manager no matter what

    I don’t think you have an agenda. You know your stuff and I do take onboard what you say. So many players are playing bad which effects the team. Matip has been awful. It’s the whole team from back to front , it’s not just the midfield even though it’s a major question. Fabhino and Henderson’s performances are not because if thisgo. It wasn’t an issue last season when all we’re performing


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