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    Of course FFP will need to he complied with and boehly will no doubt be fully briefed.

    An 85m deal over 7 years is about 12m per year. Now for first year 12m will count towards ffp, 2nd year 24m, 3rd year 36m but then for 4th and 5th 6th and 7th years ffp will only count 36m of it too.

    So its 85m but as far as FFP concerned will never count for more than 36m. Will never count more than 3 years of the wages due either. I am pretty sure that’s how it works out anyway.

    Now of course the concern is the number of long term deals like this as they all add up and will be on the books for years.

    If the majority of the purchases fail it will take a decade to recover imo. We could be heading for the decade utd just had.

    All depends on how good they turn out to be though, if mudryk is of the class of robben or hazard then great, if he is another pulisic or ziyech its a big problem and we can’t afford many misses like that now.

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