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    Yeah of course paul no question what will happen if potter cant turn it around.

    Injuries or money spent while of course relevant does not provide foundation for a sound narrative by themselves imo.

    Injuries only really matter if you don’t have equal or greater quality to replace with

    And a high price tag is not necessarily indicative of the quality of the player

    Net spend doesn’t dictate results neither do Injuries

    It is the quality of the players that are actually playing the games that counts and when judging a managers performance it should be the only real consideration imo.

    Chelsea are where we are now because the players available for the majority of games over last 12 months have simply not been good enough and it don’t matter that much imo who the manager is or how much was spent on the players that are available. All it tells me is how downright stupid we have been in the market for a few years now.

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