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    Yeah it’s a surprise Ed, due to how similar he is in profile to most of our forward players especially havertz its hard to justify the expense but to he honest mount, havertz, ziyech, pulisic etc while all similar to felix in terms of preferred role and position,have all been very poor, and so this is trying to improve that problem not necessarily the goal scorer problem.

    15m I presume is fee and wages which for half a season is extortionate, but it’s only the fee I have issue with, the term of the loan and the player himself I have no issue with to be honest, I could do with a bleeding break from havertz!

    We obviously need goals but you need chances before you get goals, havertz and mount are not quick enough to see the whole picture in between the lines and they are killing us in transition.

    We have so many problem’s I personally don’t care about the order in which we try to solve them, but again not too impressed with the agreed loan fee.


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