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    “If he had half the mentality of a messi or Ronaldo this thread would have been appropriate…”

    That’s bollocks you ignorant sod 😆

    This thread was about his retirement.

    Honestly he shouldn’t even be compared to messi and ronaldo, the argument about mentality is spot on and applies to Eden hazard just as much he could have had a much better career if he was more professional. I get all that, said as much and let’s not forget the ridiculous amount of injuries suffered either.

    Of course he would have needed to sustained his peak levels for a lot longer to have been considered amongst all time great players. Why some of you are fighting this strawman argument is beyond me.

    The facts are though, when he was at his best there was hardly anyone near him in terms of wingers.

    And he is a welsh footballing legend without doubt so again to say a thread created by a welshman to reflect on a Welsh great is not appropriate because you dont rate him is again complete ignorance and downright twattery. 😆


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