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They were not meant to be misleading at all ed, if the intent was to suggest he is a better crosser of ball than Beckham or a better striker than ronaldo they would be, we all know better than that though. If you would listen to people like stevo it’s like he did nothing at real and that’s why these stats are relevant.

“He was blessed with pace but it’s clear there was very little to his game beyond that once his pace went.” He could strike a ball too ed, what you call simply “you tube moments” are actually world class goals scored at very highest level and utd would have been blessed to have had him in his peak imo.

I do get the bias towards God given technical ability over God given physical ability in football though and in theory the best players shouldn’t need pace…but players are the aggregate of their technical and physical attributes and bale’s overall was head and shoulders above pretty much any other winger in the world when he was in his prime.


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