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As for 40 mil ‘who’s better’ comment, there’s Skrinier, De Virj (both out of contract in the summer and possibly/probably avialable for a lot less than 40 mil!) and this Bastoni fella that Conte/Paratici seem to like who’s about 5 years younger and ‘rated’ around the 50/60 mark… I’d take any one of those 3 over Tugboat.

Maybe Chucky. De Vrij doesn’t get into the Netherlands team does he? Skriniar does look good but there’s likely to be a lot of competition for him if he’s free, not to mention extortionate wages. Also, I’d personally be very wary about judging players from Serie A performances from now on. Koulibaly has looked like a world beater over there, as has Lukaku. No doubt Pogba will rip it up when he’s free from injury too.

If both Skriniar and De Vrij might be free, though, then yeah they certainly look better value than Maguire for money on paper. Don’t particularly want Maguire to go to Spurs anyway as I think he makes you stronger and nobody wants that.

Thoughts on Kane? Will Levy let him go into his final 12 months? We’re going to be in the same boat with Rashford. I’d always try to sell anyone if they don’t extend with 12 months or less to go.


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