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I said below on 25th July on TT

“I’m really worried to be honest, we are so up against it to compete this season, despite the sheer depth of our squad it is irrelevant when it is so unbalanced. Arsenal and spurs have much better balance in their squads and I struggle to see how we will match them over 38 games.

The biggest challenge is always psychological, the longer our players believe we are challenging the longer we maintain our levels, but the moment we lose the belief the levels drop… we are starting the season with zero belief we can genuinely challenge and that scares me.

Should be clear from my pessimism that I am prepared for the worst which is why when it happens it will be others on here in hysterics and not me as I am totally ready for everything that’s coming.”

This is why I don’t blame Potter, I saw it coming even under Tuchel.

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