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I do feel from a football point of view, Liverpool supporters like myself will have to endure a period of disappointment and hard times. I use the word hard, but we’ve been through a lot worse.

The reality is, other teams have caught up and we have fell behind. When was for example James Milner signed and by who? It’s a miracle we have him on the field and Henderson. Compared to our competitors, we must be fielding one of the oldest squads in age and the least fit as a result.

We are overrun in the middle of the part, rewind right from Fulham.

FSG in my eyes always wanted to maintain their blueprint of Moneyball. Klopp worked miracles with NET SPEND and bought off player sales. The squad needs a huge investment because players like Van Dijk and Allison won’t be around let’s be honest in 5 years and we need to be thinking about that.

I feel the Real Madrid outcome could be the turning point for Jurgen Klopp, because the League’s gone and realistically, 4th is a harder task. He will probably resign.

So potentially, some bad times we may go through until we find a new buyer. I believe though, this time next year, it’ll be a whole new Outlook.


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