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Chucky McChuckface

From what I’ve seen most of the cyber chatter seems to be suggesting more of share sell-off, rather than a complete sell-off, and that would be even worse I think, with multiple “investment” companies getting involved and all wanting share dividends.. unless, of course, they get an acceptable offer for the whole lot…

Don’t think there’s going to be another Middle East buy-out, nobody else wants to get in the “pissing contest that is going on between the Saudi’s, Qataries, and the UAE… which I suppose from a moral point of view is a good thing… but that only leaves ‘investors’… and that will have an impact on the pitch for sure (unless there happens to be a fan on one of the board) as I really can’t see how clubs (more specifically, their values) can go up much more.

We’ve said it before, the money in football is getting to truly insane levels, and as much as we all think it can’t go any higher (I mean, where can we go from State owned clubs??), I don’t see how an “investor” can really expect profits while maintaining competitiveness on the pitch.

Worrying times, and not just for Liverpool fans.


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