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Chucky McChuckface

Addres… can’t say I’ve even heard of them… just finished watching that “Inside Man” on Netflix, that weren’t bad (David Tennent & Stanley Tucci)… and yes, Son is a big miss, hopefully he’ll be back for us after Christmas and hopefully the 2021 version, not this years version too!

Shiney, can’t disagree with most of what you said, especially about the players, but “Rome” wasn’t built in a day, and even if we did have limitless cash, we still need to get the right players that the manager wants… give another window or two I reckon. Conte isn’t a complete idiot, I think he know’s Royal/Davies etc… aren’t Champions material… as I mentioned somewhere on here, rumors are suggesting a AM and RWB are on the list for Jan and almost “agreed”… of course, time will tell!


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