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Chucky, I really don’t like Conte’s tactics, I’d prefer watching wood warp, yes we are still in the top 4 but unless Baldy gets his wallet out in January ?????. We can’t rely on Royal to play an attacking wing back role, when get’s a nose bleed everytime he crosses the halfway line, where is Spence ??? , Davies is a good squad player but shouldn’t start, his first reaction on receiving the ball is to stop running and pass it backwards, Eric is Eric a goal a game given away and where the fuck is the Eriksen replacement 2 years down the line ? It’s clear Conte won’t play youngsters, Sarr & Spence are two examples of this, but he’s willing to play a 33 year old wing back alongside Kane against Liverpool..
My point being we have an unbalanced squad with gaping holes that lack quality , it took long enough to buy a front man to give Harry a break, how long could it take to fill the current vacancies ?

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