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I’ve long held a belief that some managers are better suited to being top dogs (Guardiola, Conte, Ancelotti) and others are better at clubs with some disadvantage, whether that be a lower budget, less expectation due to lack of historical success, poorer squad. Managers like Klopp, Poch, Mourinho to a degree fits in here too, Potter ( albeit way too early to suggest Potter can’t bridge the gap)

All these managers really excel when in that perfect environment but few can successfully bridge the gap between (for instance) overachieving with an less fancied team to dominating with a side who is expected to challenge for everything. I think Conte is one of those who needs the best team to achieve success. Ancelotti is a great example. Was very average at Everton but completely bossed it again back in Madrid. Yet, I suspect someone like Moyes would have done a better job at Everton had he gone back there but would be unable to do what Ancelotti did in Madrid.


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