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Chucky McChuckface

What a bunch of silly-billys… last week Spuds went from their best start in 55 years (knew we were jinked the moement I read ut) and were getting relegated with Conte was leaving for Juve by the end of it, and YooUtd had turned a corner and the Goonies were the best thing since sliced bread, etc… 🙂 🙂 🙂

We’re not quite a third of the way through the season, most teams still have 75 plus points to play for, other than Haaland FC, nobody’s finishing spot is even close to being set in stone, not even bothering to sketch it in with pencil yet…

The nearest I can think is perhaps Bone Saw Boyz have a great chance of sneaking in TOP 4 as they have no Euro distractions… but then again, the groups stages (the really horrible part) are almost over and that adavantage will soon disappear after Christmas as clubs get knocked out… don’t think they’ve got enough points on the board and I didn’t think they were that good against us, more like us shooting ourselves in the foot…again!


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