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He was OK with havertz and sterling Ed but they just never got the ball often enough we were awful box to box and had zero control on midfield.

It was another weird team with plenty to question and the second half change to 4132…. with kovacic as the 1, sterling as the middle of 3 with ziyech right and mount left with havertz and aubameyang up top…it seemed so basic just to throw numbers forward with no clear structure to play. why the hell we aren’t able to pin them back playing patiently with a normal shape I don’t know.

It’s weird because when tuchel came in what he was credited hugely for was his ability to quickly find a balanced team out of the mess he inherited and creating an extremely difficult to beat team. Almost 2 years later and its like he is in the exact same position which raises two questions; Can he find a balanced team again? And secondly, why are we so lost on the pitch two years in? It’s almost like tuchels best spell was before he had any backing and he had make the best of Lampards team. Two summer windows later and the squad is worse due to aging of certain players and the ins and outs.


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