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We need better Templates set Adlab.

I fully concur with the sentiments of your thoughts and in agreement with you.

The Referee once in the mode of looking at the monitor will 100% overturn his original decision. It’s like a given ingredients (in these circumstances) of the ‘perfect recipe’. Perfect for who though?

Why isn’t the Referee accompanied for example? No undermining at all, but I see it as Synergy and Support within that particular industry.

Much was made from Odegaard; how many ‘tackles’ did Paul Scholes and Roy Keane get away with? Their ‘Master’ would have loved them for it.

Mendy conveniently feigned injury because he knew he was in the wrong and he milked it. That was of no intent, but that is somewhat lost as the bigger picture once the Referee is into that frame of mind of just reviewing one particular clip in slow motion.


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