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nine nine nine

Brian and Nil, morning lads. There’s no way that any of us can sensibly unpick Leicester’s financial situation from the outside.

What we do know is that the new training ground cost £100m and that the £80m Maguire fee allegedly went towards financing that it does look a terrific facility.

As far as the Fofana fee goes I doubt Chelsea will have paid it all up front there is a sell on clause to St Etienne I’m not sure for how much and £15m of that fee was spent on a replacement.

The owners main business is the Duty Free business which understandably has been hit badly by a lack of Airline passengers traveling due to COVID leading to much less business in their Duty Free stores.

There is an explanation on how the Board see the current financial situation in the midweek programme v United which is currently reprinted on the Club site if you’re interested to read it. Cheers 9’s


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