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Wicked 🙂

Now I’m finally into the groove of this; games on regularly inc Champions League. Test to be the fittest. My slight bug bear is that they need to slow the game down a little bit than play basketball; that’s not what I signed up for! ‘High press’ this, high press that; cut out these fashionable words!

Yeah, we need to win out against those dirty sods. No Richarlison for them hahaha. They will still try and make life difficult for us no doubt, but with it being at Goodison, they will try and take the game to us and give us a rude awakening, so we better be on it like a car bonnet.

Possibly the final nail in the coffin for our Stevie. A common denominator noticeably is these teams taking the lead in recent times vividly against Manchester City can’t protect it and see out 90 mins; Palace, West Ham, Villa last season. They need belief and really tough it out, otherwise these goals scored will just be in vain and it’ll be boring every season with the same team winning it.

Acid test maybe for Arsenal, but they win at Old Trafford and boy that is Stella with 6 straight wins.

All to play for Beejay, all to play for 🙂


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