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Mikus LFC

I note Brian said, “it is noticeable as well that the majority of EPL clubs are owned by investments from outside the country, where have all our wealthy people gone? Probably had a reality check in investing in football!”

There are foreign investments throughout the country, not just in football.

Football I think is just following the path of the general direction of the country where everything is for sale and if it brings in money and investment, we don’t care if the money comes from abroad. I think this is the root of our problems – it’s like privatisation on steroids. We’re told it’s great that money comes in, but then it’s not so great when many can’t afford to live in new housing developments for example. And so too arguably in football that big money comes in, and not many can compete with it.

The following clip from the early 1980s is worth a watch from a Bob Hoskins interview with Barry Norman on the effect this was starting to have on London (and we see where we are today with all these luxurious flats that few can afford to live in). So without wanting to go too deep, and hopefully not too political, I think this is partly why we are where we are with many things today.


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