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Mikus LFC

“They forget, players are responsible also”

This seems to be the age old debate when the blame game starts with regards who is responsible: players or manager? We no longer live in an age when most players are born within 10 miles of the stadium. Players are now employees and are paid vast sums and I think that will inevitably make them too comfortable, and/or too powerful some may say. So it now falls on the manager to not only coach the team, but motivate them as well. A good manager, like a good leader, has to be an excellent persuader and communicator and most importantly has to preach with authority, and if the players see what the coach preaches actually works, it then gives the players confidence in the manager. But the job never stops in terms of keeping the players feet on the ground and maintaining the motivation. It’s a very difficult job and even the best managers still have their flaws.

But with Gerrard there seem very little signs of progress from where they are now to when he took over. I’m not sure he has the right demeanour.

Whilst I still have some criticisms of Arteta, he did win an FA cup early on, so there was clearly something there. And he does look like someone who is having to feel their way into management having previously not having the experience. And steady progress has been made. And I admire greatly what Arsenal are doing supporting the manager with young players and giving him time.

With Eddie Howe at Bournemouth he clearly had something because he overachieved with them with their budget. Rodgers clearly had something when he begun his Liverpool career, ditto Klopp, ditto Pep, etc, etc.

So it doesn’t take that long to see if a manager has it, or doesn’t. You can see steady progress being made with the players constantly reacting to the manager – both short term and long term.

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