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I had my local radio Leicester station which was a phone-in and Forfana was essentially that talking subject. The reaction coming from this more from a fanbase to put it mildly left me fuming. I think 70 mil was the last and the latest bid from Chelsea, but if anything, I am wholeheartedly surprised and disappointed by them because by god, they are or have been historically reputable for signing Top Top players.

Significantly in emphasis being able to source individual players.

The must be a question mark raised in scouting or quite simply whether or not a dearth in existence. Could it just be a matter of laziness and an impulse from the shop-window, but Forfana, I am sorry to say he is not even worth One Third of that last Chelsea bid. They are being daylight robbed as with Cucurella.

Chelsea seem to be knocking on Leicester’s door like Liverpool’s ‘relationship’ with Southampton; Kante, Drinkwater, Chilwell…..who is Next?!

The situation is being milked quite frankly. Leicester don’t need the money. Believe they themselves have plenty but can’t attract better players. Please Do Not Succumb to paying 70+ million for this guy; he’s not worth it!!!!!


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