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sean the sailor

Congrats Ed,fully deserved. All about Ute’s attitude and they’re will to fight for everything. This has to be their bench mark now

This is vdd worst period as an lfc player. I’ve no problem with the owners but we are constantly out spent by our rivals. Why don’t we have as much to spend as say Arsenal. Villa and West Ham and others spend big. We have about 20 m net. The mansger needs to be supported. Cant keep performing minor miracles

Milner cant be starting. We miss mane. I’ve absolutely no doubt we will turn it around but we won’t be competing with city. We are all about momentum. Unreal when constantly winning but when we are poor, we keep dropping successive points like in the pandemic

We constantly concede chances playing so high. At least one golden chance every game no matter who we play.we can’t keep expecting the keeper to save one on’s takes one simple ball to open us up.

Plenty of time to get going but we need to start on sat.we will bounce back. We have really missed Thiago as we akeep and move the ball a lot better


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