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Chucky McChuckface

Sorry Double B, but you’ve got that all wrong. Tommy Tickle & The Whingebags were always “Moneybags 1”, as they were the first team to spunk billions in dodgy cash from corrupt owners, you lot are “Moneybags 2” as you were the 2nd team to just buy success with dodgy cash from nasty owners, the Bone Saw Boyz are “Moneybags 3”, as they are the 3rd lot of nasty f******s who are of the opinion sportswashing is something that actually works… kinda like film sequals if you think about it.

Oh, it was after our third match, having won 3 in a row when we started to think our season was over, something about having nosebloods having been top of the table for a bit… Buffy will be able to tell you more about that in a week or two when normal service resumes… 🙂


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